O novo disco consiste em:

CD 1

1.Electronicat “Till I die”

2.Fat Truckers ” anorexic robot”

3.Radio 4 “dance to the underground”

4.Playgroup “make it happen” (zongamin remix)

5.Le Tigre “deceptacon” (DFA remix)

6.The Tards “high fire hell”

7.The Soft Pink Truth “promofunk”

8.Gold Chains “the game” (clubmix)

9.Colorsound “fly with me”(midnight mike remix)

10.Quarks “I walk” (superpitcher shaffel mix)

11.Chicks on Speed feat Peaches ” guitar anthem”

12.White Sport “she’s groovy”

13.The Human League “reach ou (I’ll be there) instrumental

14.Polyrock “your dragging feet”

+ bonus track

CD 2 selected and mixed by the DFA

Futurisk “push me pull you”

MU “Chairgirl”

Cabaret Voltaire “seconds too late”

*Green Velvet “la la land” (Francois kevorkian remix)

Minimal Compact “static dancing”

Pauline Murray and the Invisible Girls “animal crazy”

Naum Gabo “red cones”

The Juan MacLean “give me every little thing”

Leroy Hanghoffer “bathroom boogie”

The Rapture “I need your love”

Midnight Mike “I am the only person I can not fight”

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone “baby it’s you”

*Você já jantou no George, ali no topo do Beaubourg, enquanto ouvia esse remix?

Pois então.


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